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Questions to Ask Before Hiring Electricians

Know What to Ask About Electrical Service

Electrical problems are dangerous since the consequences can be disastrous. Unless you’re a trained electrical service provider, it’s easy to neglect minor issues, including an outlet that sparks every once in a while or the breaker that trips if you use the toaster oven and microwave. Unfortunately, these minor issues can lead to larger problems in your home’s electrical system, so hiring a licensed electrician is a wise choice. Not sure what questions to ask an electrician before hiring them? Keep on reading!

Will you be working with local contractors?

Most residential and commercial clients will ask if they’re working with electricians from the local area. Most companies employ local electricians and have access to additional local workers through local organizations. Hiring local electricians will ensure they know who they’re sending to your property and can be confident in the work habits and skills of the assigned electrician.

How long have you been in this business?

You should ask the electrical contractor if they can provide references. Often, these are important questions that reputable electricians should be able to answer. It’s best to ask for a proven track record of quality work and your chosen contractor shouldn’t be afraid to provide you with references. Talk to your local electrical service providers now!

Will you be handling the permits required?

Not all electricians have the required license, especially on smaller jobs. It’s not a given that all electricians are familiar with the latest code requirements and follow the current professional standards. Local electricians stay current on their licensing and local code requirements as well as participate in continuing education programs. You should insist that your electricians adhere to code and licensing requirements. Failure to adhere to these requirements means additional costs for non-compliant work.

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