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Determining the Best Contractor for Your Electrical Works

Your Electrical Contractor Should Answer These

Electrical problems are concerning for the consequences can be huge. Unless you’re a skilled electrical contractor, it’s easy to neglect little things, including the breaker that trips when you’re using the microwave and toaster oven or the outlet that sparks once in a while. Unfortunately, these little things often mean more serious issues in your home’s electrical systems, so calling a professional electrician is your best solution. Not sure what questions to ask your electrician? Here’s your guide!

Do you have current state licenses?

Your chosen electrician has to be licensed and up-to-date with the latest requirements and comply with the current standards. Local contractors stay current on their licensing and code requirements as well as regularly participate in continuing education. You have to insist that your electrician follows the code and licensing requirements. If they can’t follow these requirements, it could mean additional costs over time.

How experienced is the electrician?

Questions connected with their experience and how the company trains their workers should be asked. Your commercial electricians must complete a five-year apprentice program for commercial work and a three-year program for residential work. Both will include supervised training, classroom work, and on-the-job training to learn about both traditional and modern technologies. Furthermore, electricians will always have access to ongoing training programs to further hone their expertise.

How long have you been in business?

Ask if they can provide you with references. Often, your electrical contractor has to answer some fundamental questions confidently. It’s important to be able to provide a proven track record of quality work and your electrician shouldn’t hesitate in providing you with a list of references.

Do you have workers’ compensation?

You have to consider it a red flag if the electrical can’t provide the answer to these types of questions. Despite the complexity of your project, make sure your electrician carries their worker’s compensation and insurance. If your electrician gets hurt on the job and they’re not insured, then you might be held responsible for the injuries.

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