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Control Panel Wiring Tips

The Key Components of Control Panels

Electrical control panels are an important part of any commercial building. At a basic level, they contain numerous electronic devices that send signals to direct the operation of machines and equipment. While control systems are important when it comes to electrical engineering, some people are not aware of the key control panel wiring components that are required to function safely and reliably.


These are what reduce or increase the AC voltage between circuits. A common application would be converting incoming 480V AC to 120V AC so that the control panel’s other devices can use it.

Power Supply

This is what converts alternating current voltage to direct current voltage. In a control panel, the power supply will convert 480V AC or 120V AC to 24V DC.

Circuit Breakers

These are what protect an electrical circuit from getting fried by detecting when there is too much electrical current for the panel to handle, and will open or break the circuit to cease the flow of electricity.

Disconnect Switch

While this switch is available in different styles and form factors, its overall purpose is to turn off the control panel from the electrical supply. A common use for this switch is to shut off power to the control panel when repairs or maintenance is needed, in addition to emergency stoppages.

Overload Relay

This is what protects electric motors from overheating, and is done by preventing the motor from taking on more amps than it can handle. This can occur when the motor’s circuit is protected by the circuit breaker with a higher amp limit than the motor’s load rating.

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